A Free Houdini Newsletter!

Hi everybody!

So, look, here’s the deal. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I wrote a book about Harry Houdini. It’s actually about more than just Houdini — it’s also book about magic and wonder and card tricks and the Statue of Liberty disappearing and people who still get out of water torture cells and death and spirits and straitjackets and the first woman to saw a man in half and truth and lies and the world that floats between the two. And stuff.

I get pretty excited talking about it. Oh, look, here’s the cover!

Forgive me: I love that cover.

In any case, to celebrate the release of the book on Oct. 22 — nine days before Halloween and the 93rd anniversary of Houdini’s death — I’m starting a free Houdini newsletter right here. If you are getting this in your mailbox, it is because you were kind enough to subscribe to JoeBlog, and you don’t need to subscribe — you’re automatically in!*

*But I don’t want to be pushy so if you would rather not be a part of this, got it, no problem, I’ve made a little unsubscribe button just for you. You can find that at the bottom.

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What will you get here? Well, this will be pretty low key — I’ll send an email about once a week (these will also be posted on my Houdini blog), tell a few Houdini stories, tell a few magic stories, share some behind-the-scene book details, offer various updates, maybe show you a magic trick or two, maybe interview some of the amazing people who appear in the book. I’m sure we’ll have some giveaways too. I think it will be a lot of fun. And, hey, it is free and you can cancel anytime.

Thanks a lot for reading this far. I really am excited to share this book with you and your many, many friends; it is, in some ways, the most fun I’ve had as a writer. I’ll explain that in the next newsletter. Hope to see you there.

Oh, and if you want to preorder the book, it’s available at Indiebound, Amazon, or your favorite bookseller. I wish I could magically link your favorite bookseller. Mine happens to be the incomparable Rainy Day Books in Mission, Kansas.

Oh, here’s the unsubscribe button if you want out.